Mature & sensual 45 years of age enjoys cam2cam sex

Hello boys and I do mean boys, I’ve always had a thing or two for younger men. I’m 45 years old by the way, I work as a secretary/oral slut for my boss at a local bookies, that’s my day job my night job is a cam whore ;). I only started camming a year ago and was purely by chance. I started talking to one of my toy boys and he suggested we have cam sex, never done it before so thought I’d give it a shot and wow was it so good! He had me dress in just my stockings and high heels and I had him wanking his young cock til it was red raw! Now I’m one of the top mature cam girls in England!What do I like to do I hear you ask – well, let me tell you. I love giving blowjobs, especially if you’re my boss and you let me suck you off under the desk, I enjoy giving and receiving Cunnilingus – that’s licking and having my pussy licked guys, I love to be fucked doggy style,. Of course I like to masturbate live on cam and I like to see guys wanking as well, get’s me extra excited and this old lady does like to be so excited 😉 In fact here is a photo of me at work just so you know how dirty I really am…


I’m live moat nights boys on the Mature English Cam site, you can send me a cheeky text if you like. and maybe I can put something a little sexy on, or remove my lacey knickers so I can flash you my trimmed pussy 😉 If you have a web cam that’s even better because I get to see how hard your cock is! See ya soon boys x



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